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Do you like delicious Ice Tea that also tastes natural and has fewer calories than its competitors? Or in the morning a healthy, aromatic and tasty Chai Tea as an alternative to coffee? Then our FRESH TEA SHOPs is the place to be.

Whenever tea-lovers come to the FRESH TEA SHOP, they will experience tastful highlights.
Freshly shaked Ice Teas with fruity and natural tasting Juicy Bubbles are part of our most popular drinks.
Furthermore, the FRESH TEA customers are happy to drink Milk Teas, Chai Teas and TeaSpecials in many different flavors.
Invigorating Matcha Ice Teas and Matcha Latte are freshly prepared in the japanese style.

In addition teas can be supplemented with natural toppings, for example tapioca made from cassava roots or healthy and vitamin-rich chia or basil seeds.
FRESH TEA offers a great variety of flavors and an opportunity to eat healthy or with a low intake of calories.

The FRESH TEA SHOP only uses high quality basic products and organic matcha. 
Vegans can also get to drink their Milk Tea or their Matcha Latte – with almond or soy milk.

All drinks are freshly prepared for our customers right in front of their eyes.

The FRESH TEA SHOP group was founded in 2011 by two fovent lover of Asian tea culture.
In the meantime, this franchise company expanded on two continents and is regularly looking forward to additional shops. 

Do you already know our delicious signature item, the TeaSpecials, for which FRESH TEA is so popular?

We're looking forward to meeting you!